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Marriage based immigration , court marriage or church is good.

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I am in the process of getting married with my girl friend , we dated 6 month. She is asking me to marry in Court rather than church since her church is different than mine I am a roman catholic and her is the Mormon. I need to file my Immigration papers based on this marriage will it be good to do the marriage in court .

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A civil ceremony done by a judge is a legal marriage in this state.


Whether you get married in court or church won't make a difference with respect to the legal validity of the marriage for immigration purposes.

However, beyond proving that the marriage is legal, you will also be required to show that the marriage is "bona fide," meaning that you didn't get married just so you could get a green card. Therefore, you can expect some questions from the immigration examiner about why you decided to get married even though you have different religious beliefs.


It does not really matter whether you get married in court or in church. As long as you have a valid marriage certificate, you are fine for purposes of marriage based green card.

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I agree with Attorney Barr - this marriage will be scrutinized very closely by USCIS due to the short amount of time you have been together and your different religions. But that is not to say you will be unsuccessful. Before you file any paperwork it would be smart to consult with or hire an immigration attorney who can ensure you are eligible for a green card based on marriage and help put together the strongest possible case for you. Good luck.

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Court marriage is as good as a marriage in church for immigration purposes, but you will need to prove yours is a marriage of love and not one entered into solely to procure you a green card.

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It does not matter as long as it is a legal marriage


It doesn't matter where you get married, but you will have to prove the validity of the relationship. You are going to have a hard time doing that with such a short term relationship and different religions. There may also be other problematic details. Consult with a lawyer before filing anything.


As long as it is a legal marriage, it doesn't matter where it is. You will need to prove a Bona Fide marriage. Take pictures of the wedding, as well as other important events in your relationship.

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