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Marriage-based Green Card Interview Concerns.

New York, NY |

I have applied for Green Card through my wife who is a US citizen and we are living together in NYC. I am a PhD student at Columbia University and she is a Collage student. I received a notification for an interview for the next month.

We have known each other for 6 months and we got married 3 months ago. Also we do not have any contact with my family. Are these something that we should be concerned about?

We did not go to a lawyer but we searched a lot over internet. We practiced the sample questions a lot and have gathered some pictures that we took with her family. Is there any probability that we won't be approved? What else could we do to be more prepared? Thank you in advanced for your help.

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You are definitely smarter than an average DIYer by posting your questions on AVVO. From what you stated, there are definitely "red flags", which surely invites additional scrutiny by USCIS. The best strategy for such interview is to tell the truth. Most USCIS officers I have dealt with in the past were highly trained, with just a few exceptions. In New York City, everyone in marriage-based applications have two bites on the apple. If you cannot pass the first round, a second round - Stokes interview will be set up for you. So there is room to work around.

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Given the short amount of time of your relationship before you got married this could pose a lot of questions by the immigration officer. Even though you have less than a month is it would be best to see an immigration attorney for a consultation to best prepare you.

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There is always a possibility that something can go wrong. Do you have any documents such as leases, bills, joint accounts, etc. I understand that you cannot have a ton of proofs given the fact that you have known each other for only 6 months, but I wouldn't advise my clients to show up at an adjustment of status interview with just a few pictures. Good luck1

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Something can always go wrong, so retain an immigration lawyer


Suggest you hire an attorney to go with you for the interview. There are enough red flags in your file for the CIS to be suspicious.

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