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Marriage based adjustment of status

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I get married with a US citizen. My current status is F1 student. I have some questions about the process of adjustment of status.
First, where to mail all these forms and supporting document to?
Second, do I need to include supporting documents such as joint back account statement, apt lease, joint health insurance, etc?
Third, on the form I-485, since my husband is a student right now, on the employment section, should I file him as "employed as studnet" or "umemployed"?
Forth, though my husband is a US citizen, he lived abroad for about 2 years during the last three years. He lives in US with me now. Will that infect the approval my application?

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Congratulations upon your marriage and your plans for your husband to sponsor you in your application to adjust status to become a Lawful Permanent Resident (to get a "Green Card").
As you noted from the questions you asked, immigration processes and laws can be far more complex than they first may appear.

The mailing address for the I-130/I-485 and related forms, supporting documents and fees can be found on the instructions to the forms or at It is a good practice to include with the application copies of documents showing that you and your husband are living together in a bona fide marriage, although you should plan to bring originals and copies of updated documents at your adjustment of status interview. It is appropriate to identify the employment of a student as: "student," and of course you may supply any further information at the interview. The fact that a U.S. citizen spouse resided abroad for two years before returning to the U.S. will not impair the application.

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