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Marriage Annulment

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Marriage annulment is it the same as a divorce? Is there a time limit in which u can file for an annulment? If u been married since 2004 can u file for an annulment or will it have to be a divorce?

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Sorry you are going through this. Each state is different and the issues are whether the marriage is void and for what reason. There are many great NY attny's here on avvo that don't charge for consults, check with some local in the Bronx and good luck and take care.

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Annulment is not the same as divorce. Annulment is based on grounds that there is or was some defect in the marriage so that it is not valid. Examples would include someone who is under-age, or already married and not divorced, or is a close relative like a cousin or sibling. Each state has different grounds and procedures for annulment. In Michigan, annulment is sometimes a more time consuming and difficult process than a divorce because we have No Fault Divorce, and litigants do not have to prove "grounds" for divorce, but do have to prove "grounds" for annulment. There are other pitfalls of annulment - for example, you will need to file amended tax returns if you filed jointly during the marriage since the marriage will have been declared invalid. For these reasons it is important to consult with an attorney to decide if annulment is the best alternative for youl.


Although a divorce and an annulment will get you to the same place (being unmarried), the underlying reasoning behind each is slightly different. At a basic level, a divorce will end a marriage, an annulment will make it as if you were never married at all.

There are a number of grounds that you may have for an annulment, including incest, bigamy, and an underage spouse. Annulment may also be available for forced marriages, long term mental illness.

If you or someone you know is having an issue and is interested in getting out of a marriage, either through annulment or divorce, I would encourage you to call me, or any of the other very competent attorneys that you can find at this website.

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