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March 1 began new lease with new business and 2 partners. First week one partner got incarcerated for embezzling money.

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The investor of all the monies never got a key from the partner on new warehouse.
The lease was in the Corporation name and March was paid and April was to be free
for cleaning warehouse. Now on April 10 landlord has changed the locks. All the tools and equipment are at the warehouse and did the landlord have the right to change the locks?

We do not know why the landlord changed the locks. The landlord states that April is due. March was given for free and the 3800 was security deposit. The investor is on the LLC and has documentation stating that April was free, but no addendum. The ex partner wrote an email to landlord to correct it but the landlord did not reply back. Even if April rent is due does the landlord have the right to lock out the Tenant now. The landlord knows the situation and told the partner he would work with her, but keeps avoiding her and it seems he is waiting for the 15 days as stated on the lease agreement.

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If you or the investor are officers or shareholders of the Corporation, you would be empowered to act on its behalf. Why did the landlord lock you out if Rent was not due again until May 1st? You need a business attorney for a brief consultation. The matter could probably be resolved with a single phone call from an attorney to the landlord. There may need to be an addendum made to the lease to reflect the free April rent.

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Your question has several facts that may or may not be relevant to your situation, such as the fact that one of the partners was arrested for embezzlement and that the investor never got a key. You don't mention if you were notified why the locks were changed or if you have had any communication with the landlord about this situation, so it's impossible to know the extent of your problem. I suggest that you attempt communication with your landlord through an attorney and try to work this out. There is no way of knowing whether there was some miscommunication or other facts entirely that resulted in the lockout.

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