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Mandatory Court for Disorderly Conduct in Minneapolis?

Minneapolis, MN |

I have a clean record, not even a traffic ticket on it. We got into a scuffle on the street in Minneapolis I received a Citation for DisCon 385.90 and was let go. Wasn't hauled in to jail. What can I expect in the mail is a court date mandatory or will I get just a fine?? And is there any difference between 385.90 and 609.72.1.


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Yes, there is a difference between the two 'numbers' referenced. The former is a provision of the Minneapolis, MN Municipal Code of Ordinances. See: The latter refers to the Minnesota Statutes, namely, a provision of the Minnesota Statutes Chapter 609, the Criminal Code. See: I urge you to have attorney counsel as it is quite important to aim to maintain a clean record and issues of disorderly conduct may have negative repercussions to various areas of your life including certain sorts of employment.

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This offense is a mandatory court appearance. Can't just pay a fine. Not much difference between the two laws you referenced. The first is Minneapolis City Code and the second is state statute. Both are misdemeanor crimes. Both carry a maximum penalty of up to 90 days in jail and a $1,000 fine. Strongly consider retaining an experienced attorney to represent you. Certain proactive steps can be taken to greatly improve the chances of maintaining your clean criminal record. Having prosecuted hundreds of cases like yours in my former life as a prosecutor, I can tell you that it's possible to obtain a result that doesn't include a permanent conviction, with the right legal representation. Most of us are willing to offer a free initial consultation. Good luck.

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You should want to go to court, because that is your only way of having a chance to resolve the case without a conviction. With a clean record, there is a chance to obtain such a resolution. Simply paying a fine will be deemed a guilty plea, which could haunt you for years.