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MAN my ex - wife move out of state with my son if we share custody of him.?

Richmond, IN |

We have a 11-year-old son and here in the last couple of years she met a new man and move in with him. He lives out of state. But she is keeping a house in the state that I'm in. But she is moving more to the other house out of state. I pay child support faithfully every month. What can I do? What is my rights as a father? I live in Indiana. Please help. ...

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Your submission is unclear as you have not provided any information whether your son has moved with her. If she moves her residence, She will have to comply with the Relocation Statute and you will have the right to object. If you do so in the correct manner, the court will have a hearing on whether she can relocate with your son. It is commendable that you pay child support. However, that is unrelated toParenting time and custodial rights. Contact an attorney.

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