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Mail and wire fraud statute

Brooklyn, NY |

A friend purchased money order from a check cashing store and sent that money order through the mail to purchase goods. The seller of the goods took the payment and duped my friend by not providing the goods. Will the 10 year statute of limitation for mail and wire fraud be applicable to this case? I heard that the 10 year statute for mail and wire fraud is only applicable to fraud that affects a financial institution. Since this case involves money order, are companies that own money orders considered financial institutions? Or will a 5-year mail statute of limitation for mail and wire fraud that affect non financial institution be applicable in this case? What is the definition of a financial institution in the law. And what other federal statutes can be applied here?

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You are talking about criminal statutes of limitation. There are different and much shorter statutes of limitation to sue. If your friend wants to pursue criminal charges he or she needs to speak with the police, FBI, or US Attorney.

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