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Maiden name L2 EAD is expired. Passport name has changed. How to go about applying for an EAD?

Boston, MA |

When I came here last time, I had passport with my maiden name. Now I have changed the name on the passport. My EAD card is already expired. Now I want to apply for EAD with my new passport details. Could you please tell me-
Its Renewal or Replacement?
Do I have to re-register for new EAD all over again?
Do I have to still pay the filing fees?
What will be the list of supporting documents? Is it the same list as earlier or do I have to send them the cut-off section of my old EAD Mailer?

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Its a renewal, send all docs you did last time but include marriage license and new passport bio page showing new name. Yes, you must pay again, no free lunches with USCIS. No refunds either. No need to send of original I-797 Notice of Action approval but do send them copy and also of your expired EAD.