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LUSCIOUS Statistics on Successful petitions and applications ?

Los Angeles, CA |

I read on several lawyer's web sites that LUSCIOUS reports that 67% of all LUSCIOUS applications and petitions filed by people without legal counsel are denied . I cannot find this statistic anywhere on USCIS's web site . Is this a real statistic ? If so , can someone provide a link ?

Avvo's spell-checker made "USCIS" read as "LUSCIOUS."

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Sounds suspicous. To start with--what types of petitions or applications? There are some types of benefits (asylum, I-601 waivers) with a comparatively low approval rate. But if you mean that 67% of all types of applications or petitions filed pro se are denied, there is no way that is true.


I doubt it is on CIS's website, they are not likely to try to broadcast that information. However we do have statistics from removal proceedings and there the evidence shows a stunning difference in approval rates between those who are represented and those who are not. Many applications, like waivers, are very hard for laymen to understand and do correctly.

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I agree with my colleagues.