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Lupron depot shot and pregnancy,child severly disabled bc of it

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I was on the lupron depot shot for treatment of endometreosis and was told by my gyno that i could not get pregnant while on this shot,that there was no chance it could happen,when i felt like i was he refused to even test me bc he said it was impossible,anyway long story short i was in fact pregnant and didnt find out until i was already in my 8th month.,there were severe complications with the birth and i went into early labor,my baby who is a year and a half is severly disabled now,severe brain damage,eats from a g tube,has different kinds of seizures,is very delayed with development,cant sit up or hold her head up anything like she should,i also alomst died w the birth. Do i have a case for her and myself? also bc of not knowing i was pregnant i was on narcotic pain pills n other thing

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Have a local medical malpractice lawyer in your city order your medical records and send them to an expert to review.


Contact local medical malpractice attorneys ASAP. I don't know the statute of limitations in your state, but that could potentially be an issue if you wait much longer. You can use the "Find a Lawyer" tab here on Avvo to search.

Attorney Inga Stevens is licensed in Maine. She provides general information on No attorney-client relationship arises out of the information given here.


As my colleagues indicated your best option at this point is to have the medical records reviewed by a medical malpractice attorney.

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Medical Malpractice - Pregnancy - Dangerous Drugs - Birth Defects - By Patrick Amoresano: One of the most common and devastating areas of medical malpractice is the inappropriate prescription of dangerous medications, particularly to pregnant women. You need to have a serious conversation with an experienced medical malpractice attorney right away so he or she can get all of the facts and guide you and your precious baby in the right direction.


I need to know more details... But, telling you that you CAN'T get pregnant is understatement, you had to be placed on at least two contraceptives and compliance assured... You might have a case... Against a prescriber and manufacturer. Call me ASAP!