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Lowering child support issue

Chicago, IL |

My ex is self employed, which means there is always change in his income. Last year he did not earn a lot, but so far this year he had earned much more then stated in the child support agreement. He entered a motion to lower his child support amount based on his last year income statement. I am not sure what should I do now regarding this issue as well as how should be child support calculated for self employed person.

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the first thing you do is hire a lawyer.

it is always difficult to determine the real income of a self employed person.

there are five appellate court cases that say in cases of fluctuating income, average the last three years income and use that to set support.

it is too late in this year to set supt based on last year if his income now is greater than all of 2012.

hire a lawyer.


You really should hire a divorce lawyer. There are different avenues that lawyers use to try to determine the income of a self-employed person. These methods are impossible to explain in this Q & A forum.


I would recommend hiring a lawyer right away. You need someone to review his income and documentation to see what he is really earning.