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Low income guardianship lawyer

Hawthorne, NJ |

i need guardianship for my autistic son

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I am sorry to hear that your son is autistic and that you need a guardianship. If I were looking for a low-cost guardianship attorney, I would contact some local guardianship attorneys in your area, describe the situation, and ask them what they would recommend. They may be more affordable than you think or offer payment plans. If they don't they may know someone who does. You should also check with the legal aid office in your county. You could also consider calling the state bar in your state to see whom they recommend for such matters. Good luck!


Some local attorneys will handle a case pro bono or for a reduced fee. You may also try to reach out to SCARC Guardianship Services 973-383-5804, ask for Jennifer Case; I am not sure of their criteria for selected cases but I know they help low income families with guardianship applications. I was the court appointed attorney in a case they filed in North Jersey on behalf of the parents of a developmentally disabled young adult and I thought Scarc did a great job. I am located in Hackensack and would also be willing to help if needed! Good luck!


There may be many organizations available to help you if you search the internet. Additionally, you can always obtain forms from the judiciary website and following their own. However, you may want to seek legal advice to know the requirements before you file.

Below is the link to the State's judiciary website.

If you want to speak with an experienced attorney who is familiar with these areas of law, call us at 973-562-0100. Our firm is concentrated in family law and estate planning case. Also below is a link to our blog if you want to keep up on legal developments in divorce, family law and estate planning laws.

Good luck.
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