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Loss of SSI due to Marriage?

Eureka Springs, AR |

Hello there. My mother and I are both bipolar 1. A little over a year ago, my mother had a very bad episode and ended up writing a bunch of hot checks. It's caught up with her finally and she's been dealing with warrants and court and all, though as the warrents have come in they've all been dealt with. She did have to spend 6 weeks in jail recently as we couldn't afford to post her bond at the time. She got out the first week of march and her check didn't come in april. We learned that she couldn't get paid because she'd been in jail for 30 days, but they said she had to bring in proof of when she got out. She did and at the meeting, they cut her check down to 1.00 which also didn't come in this month. They said it was b/c she was married. This seems wrong to me. Any help please? Thanks!

Also: She reported her marriage to the SSI administration at her last visit several months ago and her checks remained running just fine right up until this incident where she had to sit in jail for 6 weeks. My father's on disability and gets 900 a month. I don't think that's enough to totally cut her check off as they're supposed to use only a portion of the spouse's income to garnish from her check.

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Social Security will consider all assets a person has and all income available in a household in calculating whether someone qualifies for SSI or if there is a reduction. Each state has different income standards so I will not be able to comment on Arkansas standards, but most likely the problem is that the $900 i over and above what can be earned in a household without a reduction of SSI benefits. Supplemental Security Income is a needs based program -- you have to not olny be disabled, but not have assets/income above a certain level. Social Security Disability Income on the other hand is a disability program that workers pay in based on their wages and have to be medically qualified to draw benefits.

You may wish to visit your local Social Security office in person or visit their website at http:www// for more information.

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