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Los Angeles, CA Traffic Court fines: what happens if you are unable to pay? Ask judge later to reduce or community service?

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What kind of trouble you get into for not paying traffic ticket fine after you went to court and lost?

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Usually, you must put up a bail amount equal to your citation amount in order to go to trial. So if you lose, your bail will simply be applied to your citation.

If you have been granted no bail and you don't have the funds to pay your fine, you should tell the judge and request community service. If you don't pay, you're looking at an additional levy of $300 as a civil assessment and then, depending on how you treat it, it just gets worse.

If you don't have money, tell the judge. They will provide you an opportunity to settle what you owe with community service hours.

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Promptly contact the Court. Good luck to you.

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Go to clerk's office or get the metter on calendar and request comunity service.

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