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Loose pit bulls in neighborhood

Flagstaff, AZ |

so i have seen these dogs running around during the day, but they didn't seem too interested in anything. right now it is midnight and i was sitting in front of my house with a cigarette. a guy was walking down the street and a dog started barking. the guy turned and ran in the other direction, but one of the pit bulls i have seen (who turned out to be the barking dog) was running around free in the neighborhood, and obviously scared the guy into running. If i were him i would have made a police call, i want to report whichever one of my neighbors is allowing these kinds of dogs to run free, i'd rather not be attacked. how can i make a report about loose pits in the area? this is scary!

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Call the police department. If they have an animal control unit or officer, they should investigate. If the dog injures someone, the owner would face strict liability. I am not licensed in AZ, but your state has strict liability for dog owners. Here is generally what the owner would face under strict liability if the dog(s) injuured someone: [Blue-Link-Below]

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Simply call the police and/or animal control. Describe the dogs as best you can as well as where they are and in what direction they are heading. You don't need to confront the dogs or the owner. If you know who the owner is, let the police/AC know.

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I agree with my colleagues. Call the police or animal control. If you have the opportunity to do so, without putting yourself at risk, take a picture so you can help the police or animal control identify the dogs.

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The local paper just ran an article on a guy getting arrested for his loose pit bulls terrorizing a Flagstaff neighborhood - so it's possible that this asker followed the advice of my estimable colleagues. Way to go AVVO.

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