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Looking to hire the right attorney. What are good questions to ask during the consultation to make the most use of our time?

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I live in Idaho, but My divorce decree is out of Nevada, Washoe County. Our Judge is Bridgette Peck. We currently share Joint Physical/Legal custody with a 60/40 split (60 me / 40 him) My daughter is now 5 and starting school this fall. We will need to modify our decree to determine who will have primary custody and be the school year parent. As I'm sure you all hear frequently, there are a lot of issues to consider and I really would feel more comfortable being represented by an experienced attorney. I have saved $3000 which is a LOT of money to me. Is this enough to hire and attorney and do attorneys accept payments after the retainer is used? What is the best way to interview an attorney? And what questions should I ask to best utilize our time during the consultation?

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If you're negotiating a settlement/modification, ask the attorney what the issues are and how they may have an effect on you financially. If it's contested ask what grounds are necessary to modify the agreement and whether you have a solid case.

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Thank you very much!


First, find out how often they practice in front of that judge and what percentage of their practice is family law. $3000 is a lot money and a good attorney tries to use their client's money wisely. Do they charge for phone calls and emails? Do they have their paralegals do some of the work to save you money? Can you negotiate a flat fee? Many attorneys accept payments after the retainer is used or will do the work for a flat fee. It's best to try to have a face to face free consultation, but you are out of state. Get a phone consult and see if your personality meshes with the attorney. Read Avvo reviews, too.


First of all if your decree is in Nevada you'll have to hire a Nevada attorney to modify your decree. Idaho would have no jurisdiction to do so.

In your situation, I would first ask the attorney to explain to you each and every factor the courts in Nevda consider when deciding what might be the best interest of the minor child in regards to the schools that are available both in Idaho and in Nevada.

I would want to know how many of " choice of schools" this judge might have handled and if she HS expressed written opinions about what she considers.

Lastly , I would want to know his/her plan on presenting evidence favorable to the judge.

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