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Looking to get a class b misdemeanor for possession of marijuana completely removed from my record.

Temple, TX |

The arrest occurred over 5 years ago, and was the only time I have been arrested. I was 23 years old, and couldn't afford a lawyer. As a first time offender, I accepted deferred adjudication. I am in college earning a degree in criminal justice, and this is hindering my job opportunities.

What is the best option to get it completely removed? Expungement? Set aside? Non-disclosure?

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You can petition the court for a non-disclosure. You can not get it completely removed, short of a pardon from the governor. State agencies will still see the charge. It will help you out, unless you want to work for the government. Seek a criminal defense attorney in your area, most handle non-disclosures. Good luck.

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You can petition the court for a non-disclosure. Since you successfully completed defferred you are eligible. Contact an attorney to walk you through the process.

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I agree with Mr. Montes' answer.

A deferred adjudication is not expungeable unless the defendant is later pardoned.

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