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Looking for the best and quickest social security lawyer in akron

Akron, OH |

panic disorder, depression, just got recon denial, received SSI about 20 years ago without a lawyer for the same, have documented work history, cooperative primary doctor but mental health dr is not real good, looking to find a better mental health Dr, can this be done fast? I would like someone who keeps in contact with updates.

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There are many good firms in the Akron and Cleveland area. My office is in Cleveland and we do all we can to help claimant's establish disability. Any good attorney will work as fast as possible, however you are now at the hearing level and the hearing date must be set by the Judge's office. Steps should be taken to guarantee that your case is well developed and ready to proceed at the first possible date. A pre-hearing memo may help speed up the process.

We can provide you with contacts for mental health professionals, but it is important for you to build up a strong relationship with your doctor. A one-shot evaluation ordered by an attorney is not given the same evidentiary weight as the opinion of a doctor who has treated and really knows the patient.

Please call if you would like to discuss your situation and representation further.


Except for a few exceptions, there is no way for an attorney, or anyone for that matter, to make a SSI claim go quickly.

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