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Looking for Premise Liability Lawyer - Fulton County / Georgia

Atlanta, GA |

I was beaten, arrested, indicted, and denied bond all within 84 hours. My family retain a lawyer, I was given bond and released 22 days later. I was charged with armed robbery. Indicteted on agg assult with deadly weapon + 2 other counts of false charges. My case was dismissed 4 months later

The person that assaulted me was a intruder in the interior of my gated parking garage. The complex had no interior cameras or security. I held a lease at this apartment complex for $1281 / monthly, 14 month lease.

I had multiple facial fractures, 5 to be exact. It was recommended that I get surgery immediately to repair one of my broken eye orbitals. I was never given surgery, I was held on the medical ward in the jail. I have no memory of any of it except seeing the guy with a gun.

The grady medical reports states all the fractures and the recommendation for surgery via their plastics department. Do I have a case against either the Complex OR the Fulton County Detention Center for a) inadeaute security or b) the detention center for Neglience for not taking me back to get the surgery or c) grady for discharging me without giving the sugery? This all occured within the last 6 months

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You raise many possible issues and claims. You should search Avvo for a lawyer in your city and call for a free consultation to discuss the facts in detail.

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I would suggest that you have the original incident reports, witness statements, the prosecutors file and any external surveillance recordings from the parking garage reviewed by an experienced premises liability attorney. From your description, it sounds like the police may have believed you were an aggressor in the incident, and, you may need to prove that you were not. The prosecutor's file may contain information that is helpful in establishing what evidence exists, and whether there is evidence tending to show that the complex negligently allowed a criminal threat to exist at the time of the incident.


You will need to secure all of the reports available from the police, witnesses, and any and all court records in order for a premises liablity attorney to be able to make an accurate evaluation of your case.


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