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Looking for paralegale or lawyer to help pro se review of documents and advise. Need help can pay few hrs of time for review Tks

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In divorce since 4-25-11, including a family business both decades old. Buss opps out of the home, I was given both at first hearing. STBX is un-dignosed, high functioning BPD. 1st hearing I was told we would be 5 to 10 min in front of the judge. 5.5 hours later I was awarded house & buss. stbx & 50/50 buss partner had us 3 mo behind on bills $85k uninvoiced over a year old. home was in foreclosure, now receivership is selling. Have forged doc's he dose not care. I was lynched by judge, receiver, stbx lawyer & my lawyer. Have to get out of home so stbx can move in. Receiver say I cost him sale of house and wants me out. He over priced house, buyer backed out after inspection. Judges & lawyers refused to look at forged mortgage docs. Im broke & fighting for my life. Is Estoppel the way?

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That is a whole lot for a quick answer. Call an attorney. ASAP. Most will give you a free consult.

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Estoppel is an equitable defense to a cause of action. Nothing in your facts, if I understand them, raises the possibility of using estoppel as a defense. If you have not fired your lawyer then you are still represented in this matter and you should be asking your lawyer your questions. This website is not intended to second guess attorneys who are in possession of a great many more facts than we are aware of. Just because something doesn't turn out the way you want , it does not mean you were "lynched". It sounds like there was a fairly extensive hearing.

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You are going to have a really hard time getting an attorney to help you practice law badly. It just puts the attorney in the case in a way that is unlikely to end well. If you visit with two or three attorneys and they all say the same thing, you probably need to heed that advise.

I'm not your attorney; my answer to your question includes assumptions. If you want me to be your attorney, I'm easy to find.


You need an attorney well versed in family law and in corporate/business law. Many attorneys give a free initial consult.

Estoppel is probably not a good route, but sit down with an attorney to discuss the case, the facts and come up with a decent strategy. It sounds like a mess. And you are not doing yourself any favors going it alone it appears.

The other side of this is, at some point, it may be a situation where the best move is to just toss in the towel. Without seeing all the facts, it is difficult to know.

This answer is intended for informational and educational purposes only and should not be considered legal advice nor forming the attorney client relationship. This attorney is licensed in Texas.

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