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Looking for lawyer to contact for medical negligence in Lehigh County, PA

Slatington, PA |

Learning Disabled sister complained for months of stomach pain and her PCP ordered no tests (she has insurance) after many trip sto his office. Finally her colon cancer tumor perforated her intestine. GYN also did not spot it in an ultrasound just dYA before emergency surgery and 6 months of chemo followed because she was not screened in time - despite family history of colon cancer.

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There are plenty of good medical malpractice lawyers on Avvo. You can read through their profiles and make an informed decision. For more information on failure to diagnose cancer cases, you are welcome to visit my site.

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Scott J. Corwin

Scott J. Corwin


I agree. Avvo is an excellent place to get information on qualified attorneys in your area.


You need an excellent medical malpractice attorney in your area. I suggest you contact one immediately.


The facts you provided are classic for a failure to timely diagnose and treat colon cancer. It will be important to promptly obtain and review your sister's medical records. An expert must determine what complication in addition to the peroration could have been avoided by prompt surgical intervention. These cases are subject to a 2 year statute of limitations. I would be pleased to discuss the details of thi matter with you if you call my office. 215-887-0299.


This sounds like it is worth investigating. An attorney will need to collect the medical records and review them with experts. Act quickly, as there is a two year statute of limitations (deadline within which you must file a lawsuit) and at least six months have passed since the surgery.

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