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Looking for a website to find the level of alcohol in my blood from a dwi i was charged with in 2005 in bronx ny also looking

Patchogue, NY |

also looking for all information on the dwi charge but mainly the blood alcohol content i need it to complete a program and its hard for me to get there do to my personal situation at home please help

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What makes you think this information would be available on a website? This information would be found in the police paperwork which isn't online. Your best bet is probably to reach out to the attorney who represented you and ask him/her for a copy of the paperwork.


If not sealed the information may be found in the court records. You can have someone go to the court and attempt to copy the file. Good luck.

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As attorneys Liebermann and Schwartz have indicated, this information will not be on line.

If you were represented, your attorney should still have your file from a 2005 case. If not, the court where you were convicted should be able to help you. It can be a laborious process, as the attorney's office may have sent your file off site to store, and it can be hard retrieving information form a court depending on a number of factors. In either case, it is easiest if you can go in person, though it sounds as if this may be difficult for you.

Best of luck with your treatment and home situation.

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It can only be done at the clerk of the court of conviction.

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Contact the court for the court file. There are also investigative services out there that will retrieve the file for you for a nominal fee. Look for a firm that advertises that it does "litigation investigations" and or retrieves "court filings." You will have to provide them with your name, date of birth, and if you have it the docket number. You can also contact the attorney that represented you he may still have the file. Best of luck!

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