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Looking for a consultation from a Employment Labor Attorney .Need advice on my case.

Bloomfield, NJ |

As of today , I am going to or want to sue The New Meadowlands Racetrack in E. Rutherford NJ. I had my union president and the union lawyer at all my documents , even though I am not with the union anymore , the union president knew i got fired on bogus charges . Human Resources has threathen me , and told the union ( union president who signed a affidavit ) they did not want me there at all . Since I am not with the union anymore , the union attorney can not help me or represent me , but on his advice I should get a Attorney and move forward against The New Meadowlands . I have all set documents , for this case . I was involuntarily separated from my job and work . Please contact me ASAP !!

The state does not own the racetrack anymore , it was bought by Jeff Gural

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You need to do two things. First, sit down and write out what happened, in chronological order. Identify by name and title everyone who was involved in the events leading up to your dismissal. Think hard about the reason they say you were fired and what you suspect to be the real reason. Once you have that done, then, look for an experienced employment lawyer. Check their Web sites and look for how much of their practice is employment law. Way too many people claim they work in this area of law, but in reality, don't do much. Certain credentials will tell you the quality of the lawyer. In New Jersey, fewer than 2 percent of all attorneys are certified civil trial attorneys. That designation comes from proven experience, recommendation of judges and other lawyers an ethics probe and a full-day written exam. An AV rating from Martindale has meaning because that is based on peer review and only about 10 percent of attorneys in the country achieve that rank. Super Lawyers are also peer reviewed and represent about five percent of attorneys in New Jersey. The write-up you do serves two purposes. First, it really helps the attorney you meet with to quickly grab the essence of your legal issue. Second, if a lawsuit ensues, you will need this document to refresh your recollection throughout the case. Good luck.

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I agree with Mr. Richardson. Coming in with the facts written down and organized helps an attorney determine whether there is a claim that may be pursued.

Please be advised my answers to questions does not constitute legal advise and you should not rely on it, due to the fact that we have never met, I have not been aprised of the facts in you case nor have I reviewed any documents.