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Looking for a construction attorney who has handled consumer protection cases..

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I have a recommendation for an attorney, though unfortunately his main area is not in the construction field. Does this matter? And how does one go about finding a specialist?

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An attorney with litigation experience doesn't necessarily have to be a specialist in the field. Depending upon the circumstances of the case, it may be sufficient that the attorney has a good working relationship with the client, and is a "quick study" concerning the subject matter.

That said, it might not hurt that the attorney has previously litigated (for the contractor or for the homeowner) construction-related cases. Some familiarity with construction procedure, building codes, construction contracts does help one quickly grasp the key elements. Familiarity with "both sides" helps the attorney understand what might be driving the contractor and or the contractor's perspective, which may aid in moving a matter toward a reasonable settlement with lower litigation costs. Construction cases can be fact-intensive and expensive. Understanding what is cost-effective under the circumstances is part of the advice that the attorney gives.

Most matters settle, whether after demand, or prior to trial. It is important to realize that some law firms, as good as the advice they may provide, may not be economical to use for smaller litigation matters, based upon their significantly higher billing rates. I.e., it might make sense if the amount is $1 million, but not if the amount is $200,000 or less...

Good luck!


There are construction attorneys out there and even more specifically some construction attorneys focus just on residential construction or just commercial construction. You haven't given much information regarding the nature of your case making it hard to direct you to the type of attorney you need. Following recommendations is always a good place to start as is looking on AVVO or calling the Massachusetts or Boston Bar Associations Lawyer Referral Service.

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