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Looking for a attorney who can help with a civil rights, first amendment rules violation against my HOA.

New Port Richey, FL |

Violation include First Amendments, Civil Rights, Florida Homeowners Statues 718 regarding common area maintenance by noncompliance by the HOA. All documents available to make the case against them. Prefer attorney near or in the New Port Richey, FL area .Contingent fee basis but have very solid case!

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First amendment is a protection against the government. Doubt that a HOA qualifies. Similarly, a violation of civil rights implies the violation of constitutionally guaranteed rights by a governmental agency, agent. The small amount of information supplied seems to indicate a disagreement with the HOA and in=ts interpretations of whether it can make the demands of you that I suppose are being made. You are probably more in need of a real estate attorney who handles HOA situations far more than one who habndles constitutional ones.

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Call your state bar association and request a referral or use the Avvo 'find a lawyer' option. FYI, you will have to reach out directly to attorneys and schedule consultations. This site make a poor substitute for help wanted site.

FYI--the Constitution protects citizens from the GOVERNMENT----not from HOA's.

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The 1st Amendment says: "Congress shall pass no law...", the 14th Amendment makes the provisions of the 1st Amendment apply to state governments, but not to private citizens or corporate entities. Civil rights is a different issue, but much more information is needed. You should contact a local attorney so all the information can be shared.