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Looking for (Pro Bono / Discounted) Divorce Lawyer

Seattle, WA |

I was just wondering if there is anyone out there who could help me with my dissolution and child custody. Important components of my case are immigration, domestic violence charge, and a 8-year old child. From my speculation, there wont'be any argument regarding properties etc.

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You should look up the King County Bar Association's Family Law project. Start at, and look for the links on the page. Their program provides assistance to low income litigants who qualify.

You may have noticed that the Supreme Court decided yesterday that there is no right to counsel in dissolution cases. The dissent in that opinion pointed out the uphill battle that mother had which resulted in that Court's order that the father be the primary residential parent and her visitation was strictly limited. This opinion points out, again, that while family law looks simple and straightforward, it is not, and litigants who choose to represent themselves are at a marked disadvantage.

I do not do family law on a pro bono or discounted basis. That isn't to say other really good attorneys won't but . . . considering what you are risking, this is a good time to seriously consider loans you can make or property you can sell to fund the best attorney you can find, not start out at a handicap.

Last note - what seems as though it may not be an issue at all can become the dominant aspect of a case. Non primary residential parents faced with the notion of being required to pay child support can make it very difficult to find assets or income, and this is expensive and burdensome to discover in the best of circumstances. I hope this helps. Elizabeth Powell

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