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LONG question putting it in detail box.

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The cops put a protective order on my boyfriend after we had an argument & his parents called the cops I DID NOT ask for the order . For some reason the cops got my address wrong so I haven't received any papers that my boyfriend has. It isn't a NO CONTACT order, he can text me & call me. The papers only say that he cannot communicate with me or his family in any threatening, or harassing manner & that he can't stalk me, it also says he can't communicate a threat through someone else towards me or his family, Lastly it says he must be 100 yards away from my house. No where does it say that he has to be a certain amount of feet away from me. So that does mean I could willingly goto his house without violating the order?

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Yes, you can go to his house and you guys can meet up somewhere without a problem for him (unless he violates it otherwise). You are not under the order in any manner.

It is only in effect for 61 days.

He just needs to be certain that "no contact" is not a condition of any bond he may be on.

Cynthia Henley



Thank you SO much.