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Local govt benefits appeal ... need atty for my hearing

Dayton, OH |

My food stamps approved in Nc military income was lowered ohio dropped 100 off when i was approved for 200. Also no health or ssn given. i have approved medical condition and hearing impaired, cancer survivor. Seeking to sue need rep before July 30 seeking full benefits especialy since when with us army unpaid. These are my benefits

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You should contact legal aid in your area and tell them the problem. You can also check with the Ohio bar in order to find a list of attorneys providing assistance pro bono on public benefits.

Disclaimer Information on this site is provided by attorney Clint Curtis as general information and not specific legal advice. Specific advice can only be provided after a complete analysis of all information related to the asker. No attorney-client relationship is established by the use of the information provided. If you have additional questions please contact the law office.


Food stamp requirements and amounts vary by state. Even though it a technically a Federal program, like Medicaid, each state has some independence in how the program is run. The suggestion to contact Legal Aid is a good one. You should also call the case worker assigned to your case and meet with them to have them explain why the amount is different from the amount you received in NC. It is possible that they did not have all of the correct information when making the decision about your application for food stamps.


Your benefits will vary depending om what state is awarding the benefit. If you have any issues with the award you should contact your state bar for a list oif attorneys providing free legal assistance.

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