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LLC name matching EIN business name

Georgia |

I recently was issued an LLC name in GA, as an example the name I was giving was "The Example, LLC". When I went to apply for the EIN, IRS removed the "The" from my name so the EIN is assigned to "Example LLC". IRS said they do not recognize the "The".

So my question is do I now have to have the "The" removed from my LLC name to remain legal as far as using the EIN with my LLC? Cause I really would hate to change my LLC but the company I am trying to use it for which is an at home business they said for Legal and W9 purpose my LLC and legal EIN name have to match exactly.

The at home company that I am trying to contract with will not let me submit my W9 form with just "Example LLC" because it does not include the "The" like the one I have filed with the secretary of state.

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You can call your company anything you wish as long as it's properly registered with the secretary of your state and county authorities. The EIN number is for tax purposes only. Don't sweat it.

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