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Living with a convicted felon while on probation? Any law against it?

Miami, FL |

While on state felony probation is it possible to live with a family member who was previously convicted of a federal crime? There was nothing said about it at sentencing, but do I have to wait to ask probation officer at first meeting? My living address must be given before being released from prison, but don't know if this is allowed!!

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If you still have an attorney representing you, contact your attorney. If not, you should look for a criminal defense attorney in Miami to hire. Ordinarily, as a convicted felon on probation (or supervised release, if federal) you may not associate with other convicted felons without prior permission. I suggest you both address this with your respective P.O.'s and seek permission. Failing that, get a lawyer to file motions with the respective Judges. It shouldn't be very complicated. Good luck.


Yes. There is no law against who you choose to live with, unless, you are on probation for a sexual offense and have been registered as a sex offender which would limit you living with any minor children and also prohibit you from residing within a certain radius of schools/churches/temples and other establishments where children frequent.



Not a sexual offender. So you beleive it is allowed if not a sexual offender?

Marcia Christina Hansen

Marcia Christina Hansen


It should be permitted. I have not heard of restrictions against who you choose to associate or live with but to make extra sure, I would contact your probation officer. If you do not have an assigned officer yet call the probation office to inquire about your situation.

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