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List of grounds of annulment in Florida?

Hialeah, FL |

i want to know if a mother and a son can get marry? and also i want to know about the grounds of annulment here in Florida?

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There is no annulment statute in Florida. In Florida there are void marriages , and voidable marriages. Void marriages is when one party can not legal marry the other ( such and when someone is already married), voidable marriage can be annulled usually because of some fraud ( lied about who he or she was, married just to get citizenship).

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Though Mr. Weiss is correct that there is no statute for annulment in Florida, you can still file for annulment under what's called the "common law." That means that, if a lawsuit existed in England in 1776, it exists in Florida today unless the legislature says it doesn't. Void marriages are illegal. They are a "nullity," and they don't exist as a marriage. It isn't necessary to file for an annulment of a void (null) marriage, but for a number of reason, it's a good idea. A marriage between a mother and son is an illegal and null marriage in Florida, and that marriage never existed. An annulment could be filed in such a marriage. I doubt that such a marriage could happen, though, because I don't think the clerk's office would ever issue a license for a mother and son.

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