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Life Insurance

Fanwood, NJ |

I purchased a life insurance policy 20 years ago. I have misplaced the paperwork. The policy is active; I still pay the premiums and am current. Does the insurer have copies of my application? Can I request copies of my documents including the policy?

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I would suggest calling the insurer before asking us what to do if the insurer does not comply with your requests.

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You need to be advised by a licensed NJ attorney with experience in insurance law. You haven't given enough infomration to answer the question. The other terms may impact the answer. There may be time limitations on your rights. I would anticipate the insurer will have a copy of the policy. I am not sure about their record keeping requirements under state law with respect to the application.

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This is not really a legal question. However, if you contact your agent, or other representative of your insurance company, it is likely that either the original exists in an old dusty file or there is an accurate on a computer drive.

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