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Lien Judgment, how long they are valid for in the state of Wisconsin

Madison, WI |

I have a lien judgment on my second mortgage loan during a time of divorce that I was not aware of until recently. The house was default into a foreclosure so the first mortgage is taken care of. I'm thinking about buying a house. But the second mortgage is still out there and I cann't until that is satisfied. My question is how long that will stay on my record and also how long it is valid until in the state of Wisconsin? When can the creditor cannot collect anymore? please help!!!!!

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Most judements may be collected for 20 years.


In mist states, liens of this nature can remain on the books for 20 years. In most states, they can be renewed at least once and sometimes indefinitely. If you want to buy a house, you will either have to pay off the debt o clear it in a bankruptcy proceeding.

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