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Lie detector results admissible in court and how. ? I am being accused of over drugging my child.

Reseda, CA |

I believe HE actually gave her cough suryp and lied and said I did it in retaliation.
Her temp was lower than normal last night. Today I rechecked and it was normal. @ 1st I thought the thermometer read low. But when she came back w higher temp than last night, I became VERY afraid for my child. MC accuses me of drugging child without his knowledge even AFTER I sent her proof I gave him notice an hour before visit about What I gave her, homeopathic teething med, 1 dose (copy of journal from Our Family Wizard that showed time composed and those permitted to view) but also showed her proof that he hasnt checked in over a month. He assaults me when no one is paying attention, and mc says police reports he has done no wrong. Can I ask her for lie detector and can it be used in court?

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Lie detector test results are not admissible in CA; they can be used by custody evaluator and in sexual abuse cases.

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