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License suspension and OLL process info...

Birdsboro, PA |

I may lose my license for up to 30 days so I was wondering what the process is for obtaining an OLL? Also, if I apply and the process is not complete before my license is suspended, will the suspension be postponed until I receive my OLL?

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You can't get an OLL. The occupational limited license requires that applicants serve a minimum of 30 days suspension before applying. Because you only have a 30 day suspension, you get your license back naturally before you are eligible to qualify.


You may not be eligible for an occupational license. You should discuss your options with your attorney

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If the license suspension is based on a DUI, you must serve up to 60 days before you would be eligible for an OLL and that is only in situation where it is your first offense. You may want to sit down with an attorney and review your particular situation.

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