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License suspended for 2nd DUI charge, but I HAVE NO 2nd DUI.

Valdosta, GA |

I just received a notice in the mail from the Department of Driver Services saying that my license was suspended for a 2nd DUI charge within 5 years, but I haven't received a second DUI! I had a deputy friend of mine run my criminal history, and the only thing that shows is my ONE AND ONLY DUI charge from 2009. How can this happen and how can I fix it?

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Definitely call the Georgia Dept. of Driver Services in Conyers, Georgia, or visit their site here for info:
While your driving record and criminal history are two separate and distinct records, you obviously should not have a DUI charge showing on your DDS history that you never received.

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Also, have you had any convictions from another State? You maybe the victim of identity theft. You can get you history from DDS and see where they are saying the second conviction is from.



I've never had any convictions from anywhere else. Just this one DUI. The offense and disposition date they listed on the letter is from my only DUI from 2009. I assume it's just a clerical error of some sort, and I will be giving them a call as soon as they open.


Sometimes when you are charged with a DUI you are given a yellow traffic ticket and then later an accusation is filed. Some court clerks will get confused and submit the DUI to the Georgia Department of Driver Services twice for the same offense. You should retain an experienced DUI lawyer who will know who to contact at the DDS to clear this mess up. You can do it yourself but it will be a long and frustrating experience.

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You should get a copy of your criminal history AND your drivers history. Sometimes a clerks office will mistakenly resubmit forms and this could be the reason for GA Driver Services showing a 2nd DUI. Additionally, you should contact GA Driver Services and ask for a correction etc. I hope this info is helpful. Good luck!!

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