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License after DUI conviction?

Atlanta, GA |

If I attended the administrative hearing for my license and got the suspension lifted in exchange for a guilty plea. If I keep that agreement, would I get to keep my license, even after the criminal case court date?

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No. A suspension from the DUI will go into effect. If this is your first DUI in a 5 year period you can get a limited permit for work, and get your regular license back after 120 days as long as you attend DUI School, and pay the reinstatement fee. This is much better than going under an ALS "refusal" suspension which is a year hard (heard meaning no limited permit for work or anything).
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When you are convicted of the DUI - 1st in 5 years your license will be suspended by the State. You should be eligible for a permit to drive to work, school, medical purposes and anything that is court ordered. There is early reinstatement after 120 days of suspension if you have completed the DUI risk reduction program (DUI school) and you pay the mandatory State reinstatement fee. If you decide that you do not want ot honor your agreement from the ALS hearing the officer can reinstate the ALS proceeding and suspend your license using the Administrative procedure. You should consult a qualified, competent and experience DUI attorney and have your case reviewed. As each case id fact specific, you may have a defense to the DUI that would warrant fighting your DUI in court. Good Luck!


It really depends upon your complete Georgia driving history. You should really not "guess" at this, but spend time and money on an attorney who can advise you how your license will be affected. If you don't have to drive, then it won't matter what happens to your license. If you're like most of us in the Metro-Atlanta area, you need a driver's license.

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