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Library Trustee's son is a FT employee. Can this Trustee legally be present when his son's ongoing issues are being discussed?

Ottawa, IL |

Son is a hypochondriac that has slept at work, and missed over 6 months of last year, goes AWOL monthly, and his father declines to leave the meetings when this is discussed, knowing that in a small town, his fellow board members will vote in his son's favor to honor him, as the father is upstanding in the eyes of some. Taxpayers are paying 4 other service vendors to cover the jobs the son refuses to do, including mowing the grass, changing light bulbs, and shoveling snow, all part of general maintenance. The son is trying to get disability so he can be home with his wife who he thinks was messing around on him prior.

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Wow. There are a multitude of issues, here. I do not think the father needs to leave the room, but he probably should not be voting, because there is a clear conflict of interest. This sounds like a bad deal, all the way around. It may be best if the son DOES get disability, since presumably, he would no longer be able to work at all. This is not a legal matter, at this point, aside from the disability issue. It sounds like everyone is trying to do the best they can to deal with this young man's problems. At some point, they are not going to be able to continue to cover for him.

James Frederick

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Attend the board meeting and ask to be placed ion the agenda. Have your friends and neighbors do likewise. The trustee need not be required to leave the room. By the way - If you are located in Ottawa that county seat is not a small town.


Q: Library Trustee's son is a FT employee. Can this Trustee legally be present when his son's ongoing issues are being discussed?
A: Sure. And just as surely, he should recuse himself from voting on this issue.

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