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Libel Defamation and/or Defamation of Character

Huntsville, AL |

A coworker wrote a false statement against me and emailed it to my supervisor. He basically said I had left work early (before lunch) without leave or him knowing. I not only had two hours of sick leave approved by my supervisor but I have statements and records of me badging into and around our facility. I also have my cell phone records were I called his office phone 3 times and his cell phone once. I also called another coworker twice and my supervisor once. I also talked to the coworker three times that day and once just minutes before I left work on leave. Not only did I explain everything that was going on but I also told him that I was taking leave for the rest of the day. He wrote his statement 22 hours after all of this. I am now fighting the charges of being fired.

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You can look at my legal guide for the law on defamation: One issue might involve your damages. Obviously, if you are fired as a result of this report, you would have damages. If not, however, what are your damages? If your co-worker spoke untruthfully about you to your supervisor, that would be considered slander.