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Letter to the Judge for Divorce

Cleveland, OH |

Hello... I'm writing about my pending divorce. This has been going on for nearly a year and a half now and frankly I'd like it over! I feel however that my attorney has very unfairly represented me. Things I have continually taken to my atty. have been ignored it seems! Is it appropriate to write a letter to the judge? At this point I cannot talk to another lawyer in my area until I fire my current attorney. But at the same time I cannot afford another retainer fee, nor do I want this to drag out any longer. I have lost everything and paid over 10 K in lawyer fees and I'm not getting anywhere! Any suggestions?

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Writing to the judge is not appropriate. It is the kind of behavior that is frowned upon. If you have a complaint about your attorney, there are procedures to file that complaint. Otherwise, you need to terminate the relationship and represent yourself or obtain other counsel. There is nothing a judge can do about a break down in communication between you and your lawyer. There are no court processes to remedy that breakdown nor can the judge just proceed to take action based on a request from you that is not the subject of a properly filed motion.