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Legal ramifications for damage caused by letting unlicensed driver pull my car up the driveway at friends house.

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This girl at a party I recently attended was begging me to let her drive my car. I refused as she did not have a license. I offered to take her for a ride around the neighborhood (myself driving). Upon arriving back at the house which belongs to a mutual friend's parents she was still begging to drive the car. I parked the car at the end of the driveway and said she could finish pulling the car up the driveway. She then got in put the car in gear and rolled into the corner of our friends house. Before this she had been constantly assuring me she knew how to drive and was capable of such a simple task. All parties were 100% sober no alcohol or drugs involved.

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You can report it to your insurance company and if they deny it since she had no driver’s license, the homeowner could come after you or both of you to pay for their damages. Good luck.

Randy Sevenish is licensed to practice law in the State of Indiana. The laws of your jurisdiction may differ and thus this answer is for informational and educational purposes only and is not to be considered as legal advice. Since all facts are not addressed in the question, this answer could change depending on other significant and important facts. This answer in no way constitutes an attorney-client relationship. Please speak with a local attorney to discuss your potential legal issue.


Many jurisdictions have liability for negligent entrustment of a motor vehicle. You should immediately report it to your insurance company and demand a defense. As long as you have coverage, they should provide you with a lawyer.

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