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Legal matters pertaining to a teen pregnancy/parenthood

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I am seventeen years old and my son is a week old as of yesterday. His father is eighteen. we were told that the baby is not allowed to go anywhere without me- not even to his father's house. Well he got in contact with a lawyer who told him that because he is an adult he has more say than i do what goes on with the baby. the lawyer said that if needed she would represent him in court, to get my mom in a lot of trouble over rights of the baby. I think the lawyer lied to him, and is trying to get 25,000 out of him (that's how much it would cost for her to represent him). I'm afraid that he'll go to all this trouble with the lawyer and he'll only be making it worse for himself. she also told him that because i had the baby i can do whatever i want. I KNOW that's untrue. But he won't listen.

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First of all, at this moment, the father has no legal rights at all (I am assuming that you are not married). Before he has any legal rights he must be adjudicated the father by a court. This requires paternity proceedings. Once he has been adjudicated the father, the court will address the "terms" of the judgment. This refers to custody, placement, child support, and other related financial issues. The father has no greater rights because he is eighteen, and you are seventeen. Incidentally, having sexual intercourse with a seventeen year-old girl is a misdemeanor. So, technically, he could be charged with a crime.

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