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Legal grounds surrounding accident.

Ogden, UT |

My step-son was camping with his dad. He was playing with some other kids during the campout and the kids started playing rough. One of the little girls got her arm hurt which required some medical care. The girl's parents are asking help in paying the $600 medical bills. I have two questions about the incident:

1) Can the girl's parents hold us responsible for the medical bills?

2) Do both parents have responsibility to pay the bills equally or should the parent that he was with at the time have full responsibility?

We live in Utah.

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I am licensed in Nevada, but this answer should apply in Utah as well.

As a practical matter, I'd like to know how many children were playing when the girl got hurt, how she got hurt and if the other child that accidentally hurt her can be identified. All of these will help determine who is responsible. I'm assuming you and the boy's father are married and living together. That being the case, I would say both parents are responsible equally UNLESS the boy's father was negligent in supervising him. Other adults there may also have acted negligently in supervising the children.

I would also like to know if the little girl had insurance and if the $600. represents all of the medical bills or just the little girls' parents' share.

Now, for the less than practical side......

Is there any relationship between the children (your son, the little girl, and the other children)? If so, why ruin a relationship over such a small sum. I understand that times are hard, but it would be nice if everyone involved were able to work something out - even if it requires payments.

I have a feeling that this is something that can be talked out.

/s Donald Kudler


Was your step-son in some way responsible for the injury to the little girl's arm? If so, depending on the circumstances, you may be liable for the damages she suffered including medical expenses. However, there are many details an attorney would need to discuss with you in order to properly evaluate the potential claims against you. You really should speak with a Utah Personal Injury Attorney in detail about the facts.

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