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Legal definition of a month to month lease agreement?

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What is the legal definition of a month to month agreement, preferably in Texas?
If there is a 60 day notice to terminate a month to month agreement, should the landlord be required to notify the tenant every month that there is a 60 day notice to terminate the agreement since it is about the standard 30 day agreement (as stated under Texas law)? Assuming each month of the month to month lease is considered its own individual lease agreement.

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If you are on a written month-to-month lease, landlord could requrie 60-day notice. If it is an oral month-to-month lease, the statute requires 30 days notice. has helpful information.


No, the tenancy rolls over into the next month if no notice of termination is given. There is no requirement for a new lease (and new notice of a 60-day notice requirement) every month.

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