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Legal advice what to do?

Canton, OH |

I went to see the surgeon today the root tip that broke off my tooth is way up in my sinus and my sinus is inflamed and full and infected. My maxillary is ripped. i guess its pretty bad.I have to stay on infection pills i guess this is why i been bad sick .This has to be done 1 and 2 weeks. Asking 1164, 00 dollars to have all this done. I didn't do this to myself .

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Based on the information you provided, go have the surgery. It doesnt appear there was any malpractice here. If a dentist caused the tooth to break, or improperly performed a procedure, you might have a claim.

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John Maurice Holcomb

John Maurice Holcomb


Agree; I'll just emphasize "might." If the dentist improperly performed the procedure, there could be liability, true, but it might be possible to suffer the asker's complication even when the procedure is properly performed.


Unfortunately, other than possibly describing a condition you are suffering from, you do not give any information indicating a dentist or "surgeon" did something to cause these conditions. It is therefore impossible to give an opinion about medical or dental malpractice, if that is what you are looking for. Generally, malpractice is the failure of a professional [doctor/dentist] to properly treat you in accordance with the accepted standards of care/treatment expected of that professional under the circumstances presented by your condition for which treatment was sought. You must also prove that you suffered an injury (or worsening of a condition) that you would not have otherwise suffered but for that professional's negligence. A bad result from a course of treatment does not automatically mean that there was malpractice committed, partidcularly as there are inherent risks to be faced with any surgery, etc., that a patient might go through. Again, you do not provide any infomation that allows a responder on this site to give you an intelligent response. You might want to talk to an attorney in your area that handles malpractice. Such consultations are free and you may feel more comfortable talking face to face, so to speak. Good Luck.


Get the medical treatment you need to remedy this, and contact a local dental malpractice lawyer to investigate. The lawyer can order your records and send to an expert to review to ascertain whether there was a breach of the standard of care. Good luck.

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You can certainly speak to a local medical/dental malpractice attorney. You can find one on avvo or google. However, I do not think you would have a viable claim. Let me explain.

Lawsuits against doctors or dentists require that the plaintiff prove their case with expert medical testimony. This means medical experts must be retained; they must review the records and testify on behalf of the plaintiff. That is expensive. In fact, these cases cost tens of thousands of dollars to litigate. You may legitimately have a case with a settlement value of $5,000. But your attorney would spend $25,000 to go get that $5,000 for you. Not economical.

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