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Legal Advice on why I have a bond arraignment, i am already out on bail and plead at my first arraignment...?

Albuquerque, NM |

I was picked up for a first dwi. I ws in jail for a couple of days until i posted 6k for bail. I had an arraignment hearing about a month later where i plead Not Guilty, Today i received a letter stating that i need to appear for a bond arraignment for charge TRF LNE. What does this mean? Will I be going back to jail?

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If you don't already have a lawyer on the DWI charge- get one. Your lawyer will make sure you don't end up in these awkward situations where you facing arrest and asking for strangers on the internet to tell you what to do.

Get representation. You cannot handle this by yourself.


Make sure you have an attorney prior to the next court appearance.
Robert Driessen

Mr. Driessen is a former Deputy DA in Orange County with over 8 years of criminal law experience. Nothing stated on this site shall in anyway be construed as legal advice, or as creating any attorney client relationship. If you would like to hire Mr. Driessen, feel free to contact him at

Jim Mitchell Medley

Jim Mitchell Medley


without question


In Albuquerque, a DWI-1st offense and a traffic lane violation are both misdemeanors thus your case is likely pending at Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court. Bond Arraignment at metro court is the court setting where you, the Defendant, will either plead guilty or not guilty and the Judge will modify or set additional conditions of release. The judge will also set the date for the next trial setting (i.e. pretrial conference), assuming that you plead not guilty. Keep in mind that the judge will advise you to retain counsel if you don't have one yet. Do not expect the judge to warn you to hire counsel at the next trial setting!!

In addition to the aforementioned, the date of bond arraignment also marks the 1st day of the 182 day rule (6 month rule). This means that the State must prosecute your case within 182 days of arraignment.

Disclaimer: The response above does not form an attorney-client relationship. This answer may or may not apply to you and should not be relied upon as legal advice.

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