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Legal Advice on What is the likelihood the district court judge would change or vacate their previous order in a rehearing?

Alexandria, VA |

Case involving temporary alimony
Judge awarded temporary alimony to ex without looking at my higher living expenses in the state of VA.
My Ex lives in FL.

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Best Answer

It always is unlikely that a judge will reverse himself. The better option usually is to appeal to the Circuit Court and have a new judge look at it.

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Extremely unlikely - and if the case was in Alexandria, the judge would likely have already considered the cost of living in Alexandria.

I would appeal to the Circuit Court if you are within the 10 day period. Otherwise, you will have to wait to revisit alimony during the divorce proceedings or if you can show a material change in circumstances from when the temporary alimony was entered that would justify the JDR court revisiting the original determination.