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Legal Advice against domestic violence, blackmail, assault, child endangerment. CPS does not take action.

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I have been dealing with a situation with a man with very pathologic behavior, this person was previously a roommate and a friend then.. I became very close with his son who is now 9 years old. Last year I decided to try dating him but ended very bad after I find out there was pornography involved and he was exposing his child to all those activities and many women he was involved with, I tried to talk to him and he assaulted me. Despite my efforts, this man is not leaving me alone the situation is escalating. Law enforcement seem not to understand the domestic violence situation neither the fact that this guy blackmail me with my current immigration situation and if I don't comply he just contact my employers to tell that that I may loose my visa. I need help

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I am very sorry you are going through this but it is a familiar story to hear that CPS, law enforcement, and the DA/County Attorney's offices don't do their jobs in family violence cases, especially in Harris County, Texas. I strongly recommend that you immediately talk to a local family law attorney in Houston and file an "application for protective order." You can do this through the family law district court's and it will have the same effect as if the County Attorney's office was handling it and a Family District Court Judge has the same power as a criminal judge to imprison someone if they violate the protective order. Do not sit on this and let time go by. It looks to the court that there is no immediate threat or the possibility of family violence occurring again. To get a protective order in the family law court system, you have to get a finding by the court that family violence has occurred, and more importantly, that it is likely to occur in the future.


Contact local district attorney office an file a protective order or move out of the house that you are sharing with him. ICE only responds if they are pending criminal charges against you.