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Left rotator cuff tear, active workers comp. later diagnosed with kidney failure, now disability approved by SSA

Gainesville, VA |

I will be getting my first SSA disability check in a few days and I also get my TTD check from WC every week for the last 1 year. It is certain that I will not be able to do my old job due to the kidney failure even though my shoulder seems to be ok. I worked in a UPS warehouse where I used to carry around 1400 packages in 4 hours each weighing around 10 to 170 lbs - very fast pace and very hard labor.

How does my workers comp end? Will there be a settlement. I am 51 yrs of age and in Virginia.

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I would urge you to get an attorney. With someone who does mostly workers compensation you have a much better chance for a good result if you are not able to get back to your old job


As I told you on your last post, you really need an attorney ASAP.

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I am afraid I have bad news for you. As soon as the WC carrier finds out you are getting SSA disability checks for kidney failure your WC checks will be cut off and there will be no settlement. I have 35 years of doing Virginia WC cases and SSA cases. You should contact me or another lawyer in Virginia with similar experience before your claim is botched. My link is below.

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